Friday Reads! February 5th

It’s the first Friday in February! I cannot believe it’s already been a month since the new year began. Time sure flies, doesn’t it?

Friday Reads

Here’s what I’m reading today and this weekend:

  1. The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater – I’m about one hundred pages into this. It’s taking me awhile to really get into the story, but I’m getting there. I plan on finishing it this weekend.
  2. The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan – This is Book 2 in the Percy Jackson series and I’ve only read Book 1. Since I scored books 1-4 in the Heroes of Olympus series for FREE for my classroom, I decided to get the box set of Percy Jackson and the Olympians for my classroom as well. I want to marathon read these to get to the Heroes of Olympus books that my students think “will TAKE FOREVER TO READ, MISS ROBERTS, OH EM GEE.”

If I finish these, I might just keep going in the Percy Jackson series or I’ll pick something off my shelf I haven’t read yet. We’ll see.

What are you reading this weekend?


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Library Loot # 3

Hello everyone! It’s Wednesday! By the time this post is published, I’ll be teaching reading to some fantastic fourth graders, but I’ll be especially happy. It’s Wednesday. The week is half over.

I also don’t have my most challenging kids in the afternoon on Wednesdays so it’s something to look forward to.

As you are most likely aware, Wednesdays here on the blog are reserved for Top 5 Wednesdays. You may have noticed that I haven’t participated in T5W since December. That is because I’m just not all that fond of this month’s topics. That’s okay, though, because I’ll pick back up with T5W as soon as the topics are more relevant to my interests.

On this fine Wednesday, I’m going to talk about my most recent adventure to the library.

library loot

By now, you should know that I am always at my library. If the library had some sort of frequent flyer miles system, I’d have more points than I know what to do with. I had some books that were due on Tuesday (and by some books, I mean all three that I read for the 24 in 48 Read-A-Thon) and thought I’d maybe pick up one more.

Hah. Just one book? Kacie, you’re silly for thinking that.

I ventured into my local library on Tuesday after school. In case you are nowhere near where I am, let me just tell you about our weather. After school on Tuesday, it was less than twenty degrees Fahrenheit with an even lower wind chill. The children at school didn’t even go outside for recess, it’s so darn cold. This teacher right here walks to and from school every day. To get to the library, I have to walk in the complete opposite direction from my house. By the time I got home, I was frozen solid.

It was worth it, because I returned my books that were due, but also because I picked up three books I’m really excited for.

One of these things is not like the others…

  1. The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater – I’ve been wanting to read this book series forever, but it’s never been available at my library. I’ve searched the catalog and no, sir. No Raven Boys for Kacie. I don’t know when this book appeared on the shelf, but I snatched it up. I’m really excited to see what all the fuss is about.
  2. The Bazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King – If you did not know that I am a HUGE Stephen King fan, then you must be extremely new to this blog. If that’s the case, HELLO. TALK TO ME. YOU ARE WONDERFUL. *ahem* I got away from myself there for a second…BACK TO KING. I am in love with most of King’s works and I was super excited about the publishing of this collection of short stories. When it finally came out, the price was way too high and my library didn’t have it. Once they did receive it, it was almost always checked out. Well, I finally got my hands on it!
    yzma kitty i win
  3. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins – This book does NOT make sense with my other two borrows and it certainly doesn’t fit in with most of the books that I read. That’s okay. I want to broaden my horizons a bit. I’ve been reading a lot of dark and twisted things lately and I just need to cleanse my palate with some fluff. I’m not expecting to be blown away by this, but I have heard some pretty great things about this book and Perkins’ others in this….series? Companionship? Whatever they are.

Even though I have unread books on my shelf, I will probably be preoccupied with the above three. That happens to other people, right? I asked my mother if she wanted anything from the library and she said, “I have books to read already.”



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