Book Rating System

I rate books on a basic 5-star system:

allstars0/5 stars:  I couldn’t make myself finish the book.

1/5 stars:  I finished the book and didn’t like it.

2/5 stars:  I didn’t like the book but was able to find some redeeming qualities.

3/5 stars:  I thought the book was okay.

4/5 stars:  I enjoyed this book but found some aspects to be problematic.

5/5 stars:  I have next to nothing negative to say about this book.


What do I pay attention to while reading a book? Here are the basics:

  1. Premise – Is the concept of the book intriguing to me?
  2. Plot Development – Does it follow a formula or does it seem original to me?
  3. Characterization – I look for the development of main characters and well as supporting characters. Are they flat or well developed?
  4. Writing Style – Is the writing easy to follow or difficult to understand?
  5. Readability – Is the language used appropriate for the audience? (This is more important for Children’s/Young Adult)

If you have any questions about my system, feel free to ask!


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