Library Loot #4

It’s been months. I have no excuses. Life is…well…it’s life.

I’ve been teaching, and working at the after-school program, and coaching softball. Dad’s back in treatment. Our landlord is practically waging war against us, so we’re looking for a new place to live.


I went into a bit of a reading slump while being stressed about all the above things, but over Thanksgiving break, I came back with a vengeance. Between Nov. 20 – 27, I read 6 books! I’ll do a multi-month wrap-up in the next few days (I hope.)

Anyway, I went to the library. Here’s the loot.

library loot

At the beginning of November, I went into my local library because they were having a used book sale. I’m all about cheap books.I went in on a mission to buy children’s books for my classroom. As a new teacher, my collection is only just beginning. My students have independent reading time each day and they are to read books at their reading levels (or slightly above). This means I need a lot of books of varying reading levels and content to interest my class of very different fourth graders.

I went in, got a huge stack of books, and talked to the librarian at check out. I used to work there as a teenager, so we were talking about what I was up to lately. I explained that I was teaching special education at our elementary school, and they gave me the books for free. I am so thankful for anyone and everyone who supports teachers directly. I love you. You’re awesome.


After the sale, I went upstairs and picked out two books:

  1. An Ember in the Ashes – Sabaa Tahir
  2. Salt to the Sea – Ruta Sepetys

I didn’t get a chance to start them until the end of the month (I was geeking out over some Owlcrate reads!), but when I read them, I flew through them.

I went back to the library and picked up the following books:

A Torch Against the Night – Sabaa Tahir

atatnreally enjoyed the first book in this series and I cannot wait to start this read. I honestly have no idea why I’ve waited so long to start this series in general. I love the concept, the characters, and the general flow of the plot. It has a male perspective, which I don’t get to read as often as I’d like.

This book is sitting on my desk and I keep looking at it. I’m currently powering through the Grisha trilogy, but as soon as I’m finished, I’m diving into ATAtN.

Unless I’m reading the next book I picked up on my library trip:

The Selection – Keira Cass

selectionThis is so not a Kacie book. I don’t read a lot of romance.

Remember when I picked up Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins on a whim? I was really surprised by how much I liked it. It was quick, easy, and was sort of like a palette cleanser. I’ve been reading a lot of books with dark themes lately, so I might want something a little different.

I don’t know much about The Selection, but I know it’s a dystopian/fantasy/romance. I know from people who’ve read it, that it’s not a heavy read. I also know that my family will poke fun at me reading a book with a pretty dress on the cover. Oh well. Haters gonna hate.

I can’t believe I said that.

Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard

redqueenI’ve always been a little unsure of this book. It has a lot of mixed reviews, and it received a lot of hype when it came out, but I’m going to try to ignore all that. I’ll watch some videos about it after I finish reading.

I finally picked it up because a fourth grade teacher that I work with read this and its sequel and talks about it a lot. She’s been waiting for me to read it for months, so I really need to follow through on that!

I’ll let you know how I like it.


Like I said before, I hope to be posting a wrap up within the next few days or so. I really want to get back into book blogging, but I’m not making any promises.

If you’d like to follow my reading updates and/or compare books, add me as a friend on Goodreads!

That’s all for now. I hope to see you soon!



Classroom Reading Challenge

Classroom Reading Challenge

During yesterday’s post, I briefly mentioned a reading challenge in which I am competing in my classroom. Here I am to tell you all about it!

I teach Learning Support reading classes to third and fourth graders. In effort to get our fourth graders reading more, the entire grade completes a monthly reading challenge. Every night for homework, the kiddoes have to read at least 15 minutes and get an adult to sign their calendar. Each month, we up the ante a little bit. Currently, their goal is to read a minimum of 400 minutes total this month. Those that make the reading goal earn an incentive for that month. January’s incentive is playing Just Dance this afternoon!


The specific kids that I teach have some reading difficulties. They are one or more grade levels behind in reading. This is largely due to their learning disabilities, but it also is affected by their lack of reading. One of my kids only read for a total of 45 minutes in all of January. On the other end, I’ve got kids that read 500+ minutes this month!

One of my guided reading classes has 5 students in it. These 5 students in particular almost never complete their reading calendar homework each night. I’d like to change this.

Since it is the beginning of the month, I told my five students that I was going to complete a reading calendar of my own. At the end of the month, they will earn an incentive if the five of them combined read for more minutes than I did.

That means, that just to keep up with them, I have to read 75 minutes a night. Even though I told them all about my love of reading, they think I will not even come close to this. It’s adorable, really.

Of course, since this is the first month, I’m going to let them win so as not to discourage them from doing this in the future. They’re not going to win by much, but they’re certainly going to beat me this month.

Unless, of course, they bomb it. I’ll have to add some more motivators to the competition if this happens. We’ll see.

What’s the prize? I haven’t decided yet, but it’ll be something like a board game party instead of reading class or to get to eat lunch with me. Kids go for that kinda stuff!

I better get reading!

I wonder if I have to get my mom to sign my calendar…

I’ll see you later, bookfriends.


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Blog Re-design Announcement

Hello friends! In my last post, I mentioned that I would be re-designing my blog and that you may not recognize me. I didn’t edit much…because I’m not all that savvy with webpages and photoshop, but I did change my name and the colors of the blog.

I decided that I liked my theme too much to adjust to a new one, so I just changed the colors and the fonts.

My URL is still! Maybe one day I’ll get myself a custom domain name, but today is not that day. I was a little bored with the blog title and decided to go a new direction!

Now that you’ve read this post, stay tuned for a new post coming your way announcing my first read-a-thon participation of 2016!


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New Year, New Design

Hello, fellow book lovers.

I’ve got a few big changes coming your way. They are (obviously) not in effect yet, but I’m working on the following:

  • New blog name
  • New blog layout/design

It’s only a couple things, but you might not recognize me when I get back. I’ll still be doing reviews, tags, Top 5 Wednesday, and everything else I already do, but I’ll look a little different.

Stay tuned! In the mean time, happy reading!


Holiday Loot 2015

Well, the holiday season as pretty much come and gone, at least for me. The school district in which I work is back in session on Monday, January 4, so I’m using the next two days to “be a kid” again. I’ve been in my pajamas, reading books, watching Netflix, and just hanging out. I’m not ready to go back into the real world yet. Sigh.

I did have a wonderful winter break and I am excited to see my students again! They’re going to be gushing all about the presents that Santa put under their Christmas trees and possibly even showing me the loot that they hauled this year. It’s rather adorable. I’m probably going to turn that into a writing project for them. Muahahaha.

But now, it’s time for me to gush about my loot that I hauled this year. This Christmas, I received some truly thoughtful gifts that I am really excited about.

From my sister, I received some chalk pens for my board at school (my school still uses chalkboards!) as well as some teacher stamps for grading papers! Along the same lines, my eldest brother and his girlfriend gave me about 1500 smelly stickers to give to kids. They also got me a 2 lb. jar of Dr. Pepper jelly beans with a chalk label that says “Miss Roberts.” Well…actually, it said “Mrs. Robertson” because one of my students just can’t get it right…

From my parents, I got the softest blanket I’ve ever had. It’s fleece on one side and a sweater on the other. I’ve taken it everywhere in my house since opening it Christmas day.


I also got a Fitbit Flex from them! I’ve been wanting a Fitbit for about a year now and I’m really excited to finally have one. My stats have been pitiful lately, but once I go back to work on Monday, my steps are going to skyrocket. Do any of you have a Fitbit? What do you think about it? I’d love to have some bookish friends to compete in challenges against. Add me, if you’d like:


My other brother gave me Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. It’s beautiful with its black-edge pages and I’m excited to dive into this one. Thank you, mother, for giving him a list of books on my wish list.

six of crows

Every year, my mother’s side of the family does a gift exchange on Christmas Eve. This year, my mom’s brother drew my name and he gave me The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness and Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas. (I’ve already started reading the Patrick Ness book. Check out my reading progress here.) He wrapped the books inside a plastic bin that will be very useful at school.

knifeofneverlettinggo queenofshadows

Yay books and teacher things!

I also ventured into my local library, so expect a Library Loot post coming soon!

See you soon and happy reading!


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2016 Reading Challenge

Hello, everyone!

As the 2015 draws to a close, it’s time for everyone to post their favorites for the year and start planning the upcoming months. I’m not here to post my favorites of 2015 (yet), but I am planning for my literary future.

For the past week or so, I’ve been looking up reading challenges and pre-made TBR lists for 2016. I wasn’t satisfied by any that I saw…until I saw Amber’s post the other day, #SIXSQUAREDCHALLENGE.

She created her own 2016 TBR challenge and I’m absolutely in love. There is so much variety which will allow me to pick a book based on my mood. The topics are vague enough that I can still read what interests me. I’m down with that.


In the 6 Squared Challenge, the idea is to read 6 books from each category, making a grand total of 36 books.

The topics are:

  • New Releases (Debut Authors) – I’m assuming this means a debut book released by an author in 2016, but in the spirit of a flexible challenge, I’m going to choose 2016 releases by new-to-me authors. (I hope that’s okay, Amber!)
  • New Releases (Loved Authors) – I’m choosing 2016 releases by authors I’ve already read
  • Books to start a series
  • Books to finish a series
  • Goodreads Choice Winners/Nominees
  • Book to Movie Adaptations

I am really excited about participating in this challenge. I’ve already created myself a “tracker” or sorts to keep track of the challenge. I’ll try to keep you all updated of my progress.

Check out Amber’s introduction to the challenge HERE.

See you soon and happy reading!


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