Classroom Reading Challenge

Classroom Reading Challenge

During yesterday’s post, I briefly mentioned a reading challenge in which I am competing in my classroom. Here I am to tell you all about it!

I teach Learning Support reading classes to third and fourth graders. In effort to get our fourth graders reading more, the entire grade completes a monthly reading challenge. Every night for homework, the kiddoes have to read at least 15 minutes and get an adult to sign their calendar. Each month, we up the ante a little bit. Currently, their goal is to read a minimum of 400 minutes total this month. Those that make the reading goal earn an incentive for that month. January’s incentive is playing Just Dance this afternoon!


The specific kids that I teach have some reading difficulties. They are one or more grade levels behind in reading. This is largely due to their learning disabilities, but it also is affected by their lack of reading. One of my kids only read for a total of 45 minutes in all of January. On the other end, I’ve got kids that read 500+ minutes this month!

One of my guided reading classes has 5 students in it. These 5 students in particular almost never complete their reading calendar homework each night. I’d like to change this.

Since it is the beginning of the month, I told my five students that I was going to complete a reading calendar of my own. At the end of the month, they will earn an incentive if the five of them combined read for more minutes than I did.

That means, that just to keep up with them, I have to read 75 minutes a night. Even though I told them all about my love of reading, they think I will not even come close to this. It’s adorable, really.

Of course, since this is the first month, I’m going to let them win so as not to discourage them from doing this in the future. They’re not going to win by much, but they’re certainly going to beat me this month.

Unless, of course, they bomb it. I’ll have to add some more motivators to the competition if this happens. We’ll see.

What’s the prize? I haven’t decided yet, but it’ll be something like a board game party instead of reading class or to get to eat lunch with me. Kids go for that kinda stuff!

I better get reading!

I wonder if I have to get my mom to sign my calendar…

I’ll see you later, bookfriends.


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2 thoughts on “Classroom Reading Challenge

  1. I LOVE this!! It can be such a struggle to get kids to read. Hopefully this will motivate your students! Fun things like this almost make me wish I was a classroom teacher, but I do love the flexibility of itinerant 🙂


    • It’s already a blast. They’re ahead of me this week because they’re reading more than they have to each night. I call that a win! I also just found out that the teachers are doing a door decorating contest for Read Across America so I’m doing a Seuss-themed graph of our challenge. It’s exciting!


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