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Hello everyone!

I just finished Truthwitch by Susan Dennard about an hour ago for a book club on Goodreads called The Story Squad. In honor of my finishing the book, I am completing the Truthwitch Book Tag, created by Danielle and Olivia over on BookTube. Check ’em out!


#1. Ohrin Mountains (This is where our hero grew up): What is your favorite fictional land?

My favorite fictional land is still Ravka from Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo, even though I haven’t read books 2 and 3 OR Six of Crows even though I own ALL of them. Yep. I’m going to get right on that. I am studying the Russian language in my free time and I love learning about the Russian culture. It’s really neat to see how this culture impacts Ravka and the little ‘Easter Eggs’ I find because I know a little bit of Russian.

#2. Safiya and Iseult’s friendship: Who is your favorite dynamic duo?

I love the relationship between Jon Snow and his direwolf Ghost from A Song of Ice and Fire (the book series on which ‘Game of Thrones’ is based). Even though they are not together at all times during the series, that obviously have a very strong bond between them.

#3. Merik (The prince of Nubrevna): Which character is the ultimate hunk?

Now that I’ve finished Truthwitch, can I say Merik? Ha!

To move away from this particular book, I will have to stay true to my love of Chaol Westfall from Throne of Glass. Chaol better watch out, though, because Merik is taking over.

#4. Kullen (Merik’s best friend and Threadbrother): Who is your favorite sidekick?

Pantalaimon is Lyra’s daemon in the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman. Pan is always there for Lyra and pushes his boundaries to help and protect her. As he is an actual part of Lyra’s being, he’s not necessarily a sidekick, but Lyra wouldn’t have been able to succeed without him.

#5. Aeduan (A mysterious blood witch): Who is your favorite mysterious of villainous character?

My favorite villain will always be Pennywise the Clown from It by Stephen King. He’s so creepy, taking the form of a clown for most of the novel, but also taking the form of whatever scares you most. He even has a sense of humor and interacts with each of the heroes in ways unheard of for a villain. He’s great.

#6. Aether (The magic of the spirit and the mind): Name a book that you can’t stop thinking about

This changes a lot, but I’m currently emotionally held up on Room by Emma Donoghue. It was one of my first reads of the year and has, so far, been the cause of the biggest emotional roller coaster of 2016. It’s creepy and twisted. It even makes me think about what I’d do in a similar situation. It’s excellent.

#7. Air (The magic of wind and storms): Name a book that you had low expectations for, but it blew you away

I didn’t expect much from Cinder by Marissa Meyer. In fact, the reason I picked it up from the library was because I saw it on everyone’s shelves when I started watching BookTube videos. I’m usually not a huge sci-fi fan, so I thought I’d be turned off to a book with a cyborg protagonist. I was wrong. I loved the book.

#8. Earth (The magic over plants, soil, metal and stone): What’s a book that you always go back to?

I always go back to Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve read this novel. In fact, I’m due for another re-read!

#9. Fire (The power over flame and lightning): A book with hype that spread quickly

This is a tie between Truthwitch by Susan Dennard and Passenger by Alexandra Bracken. The hype has been EVERYWHERE.

#10. Void (A mythical power linked to death and shadow): Recommend a scary/mysterious read 

Raise your hand if you think I’m going to recommend a Stephen King novel!

I’m going with It, The Shining, Dreamcatcher, and Under the Dome to name a few of my favorite freaky reads of Stephen King.

#11. Water (The power with rivers, rides, rain and ice): Name a book that flowed nicely

Life Expectancy by Dean Koontz has an excellent flow to it. I can pick it up and read it in one sitting, even if it takes me twelve hours to do so. It’s fast paced and time flies by as you read it, largely due to the way it flows.

#12. Threadsisters/Threadbrothers: Tag your friends!

I hereby tag anyone and everyone who wants to do this tag. If you have read Truthwitch by Susan Dennard already, please do this tag and try not to answer the questions with its characters!

If you haven’t read Truthwitch yet and you’re wondering if you’ll like it, I’ll have a review coming to you this weekend.

That’s all from me tonight. So far, my school is not closed or delayed for tomorrow, which means bed at a reasonable hour. Yay adulting.

I’ll see you soon!


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