2016 Reading Challenge

Hello, everyone!

As the 2015 draws to a close, it’s time for everyone to post their favorites for the year and start planning the upcoming months. I’m not here to post my favorites of 2015 (yet), but I am planning for my literary future.

For the past week or so, I’ve been looking up reading challenges and pre-made TBR lists for 2016. I wasn’t satisfied by any that I saw…until I saw Amber’s post the other day, #SIXSQUAREDCHALLENGE.

She created her own 2016 TBR challenge and I’m absolutely in love. There is so much variety which will allow me to pick a book based on my mood. The topics are vague enough that I can still read what interests me. I’m down with that.


In the 6 Squared Challenge, the idea is to read 6 books from each category, making a grand total of 36 books.

The topics are:

  • New Releases (Debut Authors) – I’m assuming this means a debut book released by an author in 2016, but in the spirit of a flexible challenge, I’m going to choose 2016 releases by new-to-me authors. (I hope that’s okay, Amber!)
  • New Releases (Loved Authors) – I’m choosing 2016 releases by authors I’ve already read
  • Books to start a series
  • Books to finish a series
  • Goodreads Choice Winners/Nominees
  • Book to Movie Adaptations

I am really excited about participating in this challenge. I’ve already created myself a “tracker” or sorts to keep track of the challenge. I’ll try to keep you all updated of my progress.

Check out Amber’s introduction to the challenge HERE.

See you soon and happy reading!


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3 thoughts on “2016 Reading Challenge

  1. Hi there! I am also participating in a 2016 Reading Challenge and would love to have you join me on my journey as well! If you would like, please check out my blog. I look forward to reading about what you are reading! Happy 2016 and best of luck on your challenge! -BJ


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