What I’m Watching | Fall 2015

I am in a reading slump and I do not like it. Part of it was the stress of taking care of my injured brother. Then, the stress of preparing for an interview.

But now, I’m feeling a little under the weather. Since I’m pretty much staying in bed, I’m hoping to get a lot of reading done today. We’ll see.

So what have I been doing whilst in this reading slump? Watching prime time television! I am so excited for my fall shows to come back. I’m a little bit excited for a few new shows, but not many.


8:00 pm – The Big Bang Theory

big bang

love this show so much. The chemistry the actors have with each other is fantastic, but my favorite thing about the show is how the characters interact with each other. I also love how it successfully incorporates aspects of pop culture into the show.

10:00 pm – Castle


Best selling author Richard Castle teams up with NYPD to research a novel based on Detective Kate Beckett. His research tends to get him more involved than everyone expects, leaving Castle and the detectives in some sticky situations.

I pretty much love anything that Nathan Fillion is in, so this show is a no-brainer for me. It’s also a really interesting take on crime television.


9:00 pm – Modern Family


This show is about patriarch Jay Pritchett, his children, and their families. Jay, in his sixties, marries a woman the same age as his children who has a child the same age as his grandchildren. His son is in a homosexual relationship and has an adopted daughter. Jay’s daughter is married to goofy man that can never live up to Jay’s standards. It’s definitely a modern family.

I like all the different types of families represented and how they interact with each other and the world. This is one of my favorite shows.


8:00 pm – Grey’s Anatomy


I’m excited for this season, if only to figure out how they are going to move forward from the intense event towards the end of last season. I’ve always liked medical dramas and I never thought I’d love this show as much as I do.

9:00 pm – Scandal


Along with Grey’s Anatomy, this show started as a guilty pleasure, but now I have no shame. I love this show. It’s about a woman who helps deal with scandals in Washington D.C., often surrounding the President of the United States.

10:00 pm – How to Get Away With Murder


I’m not so sure about this show any more. This show is guilty of withholding information from the viewers as well as the characters in the show for dramatic effect. This means there is a lot of information to remember. Who knows what about who? It can be very puzzling. I’m thinking of doing a re-watch of the first season because the second season premiere could have done a better job at reminding viewers of important facts.


9:00 pm – Doctor Who


That’s if I don’t find somehow to stream it before 9:00 pm my time. Sometimes I just cannot wait and have to watch it along with the UK.

I’m still catching up on last season, but I’m getting there. I’m excited for new Doctor Who episodes!

As for new shows, I’m watching The Muppets, Life in Pieces, and Blindspot.

What are you watching this fall?

Thanks for reading! I hope to be back with some bookish awesomeness!


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