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Hello, and welcome to Tag Friday!

To get back into the swing of things, I am going to complete a tag about one of my favorite book series, Harry Potter! I wasn’t officially tagged for this, but I saw the post by the lovely Kira at fieittyreads. Thanks for tagging everyone because everyone includes me!

#1 – Favorite book?

My favorite book has always been The Chamber of Secrets. It was the first book that was really able to transport me into the book as if I were experiencing everything along with the characters. I was very impressed with the diary scene and was unable to predict the outcome of this one. Sure, I was nine or ten years old, but still. It’s one of my best book memories!

#2 – Favorite film?

I’m going to have to go with the first film. I was so excited when I found out my favorite books were being turned into movies. I went with my mother and sister to see the first film the weekend of its release in the US. It started a tradition. Every year that a new Harry Potter film was being released, the three of us went to see it in theaters together.

#3 – Least favorite book?

The Goblet of Fire. While I liked getting a sneak peak into the wizarding world as a whole instead of just Hogwarts, I didn’t like the teen angst that started to happen in this one. I wanted to smack Ron for how he was acting and how Harry was handling it. This one took the longest for me to read. I still like it, but it’s ranked at the bottom.

#4 – Parts of the books/movies that make you cry?

I’ll admit that I teared up at the end of Half-Blood Prince when a beloved character dies. If you read the book, you know what I’m talking about.

#5 – Favorite character?

Remus Lupin! I’ve always loved Lupin’s character, as a teacher, a mentor, a member of the Order. He had so much depth, especially later in the series.

#6 – What would your patronus be?

According to a Buzzfeed quiz, it would be an otter. It makes sense. An otter is Hermione’s and we are both smart, caring, book lovers, right? I’m going with that.

#7 – If you could have the resurrection stone, invisibility cloak, or the elder wand, which one would you choose?

Invisibility cloak, hands down. It has so many uses and doesn’t have the negative effects of the other two. Also, I grew up with Harry who grew up having one, so I want it too!

#8 – What house would you be in?

Hufflepuff! Some people say that Hufflepuffs are the dumb ones that don’t fit in anywhere. I’ve been made fun of for being a Hufflepuff, but I like the message that came with it in Pottermore. We don’t fit in anywhere because we have all the best traits from each of the other houses. Hufflepuffs all the way!

#9 – If you could meet any member of the cast, who would it be?

Oh gosh, I don’t know. I would be happy to meet any of them and shake their hands.

#10 – Were you happy with the ending?

The ending of the story, yes. The epilogue, no.

#11 – How much does Harry Potter mean to you?

I’ve always loved reading. I taught myself how to read before I started school! Harry Potter was the book series that really got me into reading chapter books and multi-book series. It was the first book series that got me excited about reading. While waiting for the next books to come out, my friends and I bonded over theories as to what was going to happen next. Harry Potter was my entire childhood. He is most important.

Like Kira, I tag everyone! If Harry means anything to you, I want you to complete this tag!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon!


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One thought on “TAG | The Harry Potter Tag

  1. I’ve always identified myself as a Hufflepuff (and before Pottermore I was always either sorted into Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw). Then when I joined Pottermore in the beta-testing phase it was confirmed that I was indeed a Hufflepuff. I loved the message that described Hufflepuffs after being sorted into the house I had felt that I best fit into it already, too. Also, it’s to be reminded that after Gryffindors, there were more Hufflepuffs that wanted to stay to duel in the final battle of Deathly Hallows in comparison to Ravenclaw (had a handful) and Slytherin (had none, obviously, since Slytherins look out for themselves more than for others).


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