Life Update!

Hello, bookworms! I thought that since I have a bit of time before bed, I’d give you an update of sorts.

In my last post, I briefly mentioned that my brother was in a motorcycle accident. This happened last Sunday and I am still at my brother’s house. I may be here for the remainder of this week.

He, for some reason, was not wearing a helmet while riding his motorcycle. He has a concussion, a broken nose, broken jaw, open wounds on his face, ear damage/hearing loss, broken ribs, compounded vertebrae (broken bones in spine), a broken leg, and a shattered ankle. It’s been a long week for him, of course. I’m here to keep the dog out of his way, help with the house work, and basically babysit him while his girlfriend is at work.

It’s just been a long week in general.

My parents got home today from their vacation. They were home briefly last Monday to visit the brother and then went back that night. I haven’t yet asked if I got any book mail, but I’m expecting some. I’ll let you know when I have them!

Here’s what I’m currently reading:

The Martian by Andy Weir

I was going to read Illuminae before I read any other books, but then I packed bags to go to my brother’s and Illuminae is a huge hardcover so I opted to leave it at home.

I’m about 40% through The Martian and am loving it! I also brought The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb along with me and should be getting to them soon.

That’s all I really have to update you with. Thank you for the kind words you left in the comment section about my brother! He’s a pain in the butt, but he’s doing much better.

I’ll try to see you soon!



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