Book Review | You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by Felicia Day

neverweirdTitle: You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)
Author: Felicia Day
Genre: Memoir/Humor

This is not the first time I’m making this statement on my blog:  I love Felicia Day and pretty much everything she’s made. Sometime in 2009 or so, I was looking through Neil Patrick Harris’s (How I Met Your Mother) IMDb page for something to possibly watch while I procrastinating a paper for university. When I saw a three part web series called Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, I had to check it out. I immediately fell in love with the series and Googled everybody in it, including Felicia Day, one of the main characters.

This is how I discovered her own web series, The Guild, about a diverse group of people playing a game similar to “World of Warcraft.” I was once addicted to WoW for a couple of years so this webshow resonated with me. Ever since, I’ve paid attention to what Felicia was creating because for the first time, there was a girl in the limelight (sort of) who played video games and liked all the nerdy things that I liked. Finally!

You can imagine how excited I was when I found out that she was releasing a memoir. I had to read it.

Luckily for me, my sister is also a fan of Felicia’s and let me borrow the book a few days after its release. Here’s what I thought:

Premise: 5/5

It’s hard to really call this category “premise” because this book is a memoir, a nonfiction account of Felicia’s life. It’s not a new concept. For the sake of the review, let’s just say that I really enjoyed the content that Felicia chose to write about. She obviously wrote about her own life, allowing the reader to understand as much of her development and background as possible. You can also expect to read about how she was introduced to video gaming, beginning her acting career, producing her own content, becoming “internet famous,” and how it has affected her daily life.

Felicia goes into some very personal details about some aspects of her life that I believe make it even easier to relate to her.

Plot Development: 5/5

Each piece of Felicia’s life that she chose to share with her readers was brilliantly set up and paced appropriately.  No anecdote was too long or too short. The information she divulged about the early years of her life was necessary knowledge for later chunks of the book, but it was given in such a way that the reader has no idea that she’s writing with such specific purposes. You go Felicia Coco.

Characterization: 5/5

It is not difficult to tell that Felicia has a great love for the people in her life. It shows in her writing that she is very appreciative of everyone who has made her successes possible. She is humble and thankful, and her book doesn’t read like a typical memoir. Felicia is honest and seems completely sincere. The way she writes about herself makes me want to be best friends with her. She doesn’t try to make herself sound cool or brag about her accomplishments. Knowing the audience side of productions such as Dr. Horrible, The Guild, and her company Geek & Sundry, I really enjoyed reading about her experiences through it all.

Writing Style: 5/5

I inhaled this book and it was largely due to Felicia’s easy-going writing style. It just flowed. I cracked it open the night my sister lent me her copy and the next thing I knew, I was one hundred pages into the book. I was hooked and time was flying by before my eyes. Felicia writes in a way that it was like she was in my living room, telling me the story herself. It was filled with perfectly timed humor and graphics. I found myself laughing loudly at several moments.

Readability: 5/5

I cannot say that this book can be enjoyed by everyone, including people who have never heard of Felicia Day, because I read it from the perspective of one of her fans. I can say that I thought it was hilariously captivating it has resulted in my having more respect for her than I already had. She continually does amazing things in the world of geekery, especially for women. If you haven’t heard of Felicia before now, I would recommend you watch a few things she has created or appeared in and then picking up this book.

Felicia, you are my hero.

Total Score: 25/25, avg. 5/5

I obviously give this book 5/5 stars and will be purchasing a copy for my own as soon as I am able to. Now, I think it’s time for a re-watch of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (or at least a listen to the amazing soundtrack).

5 stars

Have a great Saturday and Labor Day weekend, everyone! I’ll see you soon.


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4 thoughts on “Book Review | You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by Felicia Day

  1. After reading this I’m definitely going to watch more of her work and maybe even read the book.
    I fell in love with her from the first moment she I saw her in Supernatural, she’s so amazingly funny.


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