Library Loot #1

Hello fellow booknerds!

Today, I’m starting a new feature here at Kacie’s Bookshelf. As you may have figured out by now, I am a huge supporter of my local library. Most of what I read is borrowed from my public library and I wanted to show you which books I decide to pick up each library trip. A borrowed book haul, if you will.

library loot

I normally head to the library with a plan. I’ve checked the availability of certain books and have written a list by the time I leave my house. Today, I decided to mostly wing it. I had some ideas and some authors in mind and I’m pretty happy with what I picked up!

1.) The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

I don’t know much about this novel, but I picked it up because it is the favorite book of one of my best friends. All I know is that it is an adult fiction novel about a circus that is only open at night. Have any of you read this book? Should I be exited for it?

2.) Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb

One of my favorite BookTubers is Sam from Novels and Nonsense. She is almost always talking about Robin Hobb and her amazing books! I looked up information about the author and the books and I really like that each trilogy/series seems to build off of the previous one. This is the first book of The Farseer Trilogy, the very beginning of the series as a whole. Again, I don’t know a whole lot about the book, but I trust Sam’s judgement. Unfortunately, my library only carries The Farseer Trilogy and none of the later books.

3.) Pravda by Edward Docx

This book was a totally random pick for me…almost. As I was walking through the stacks at the library, the word “Pravda” jumped out at me. I am studying Russian, and this word translates to “true” or “truth.” That alone made me pick it up because I’m very interested in Russian influenced things!

I also picked it up because it fulfills the September challenge in the Library Scavenger Hunt book group on Goodreads! This group was started by Frances (of Nightjar’s Jar of Books) and Chloe (of SSJTimeLord and Her Books). Each month, a challenge is posted and the goal is to go to the library and find a book on the shelves that meets the requirements of the challenge. Check out the group and join us! Go to your library!

September’s challenge: A book with a title in a foreign language

As I said before, the title of this book isΒ Pravda, which is Russian for “true” or “truth.”

I like this idea of winging it when I head to the library. I knew I wanted to pick up Assassin’s Apprentice, but I didn’t go with the intentions of picking up the other two books.

Who knows what else is hiding in those shelves? Libraries are awesome!

I’ll see you soon!


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7 thoughts on “Library Loot #1

  1. Everyone has been reading and raving about The Night Circus. I bought it awhile back, but still haven’t gotten around to it. I really want to check it out though, because I love circus books and this one just sounds pretty amazing.


    • I was just talking on the phone with the person who recommended it to me and she was so excited that my library even had the book. I knew I had seen it around the book blogosphere as well as BookTube before, but I haven’t really looked into it before now. I’ll definitely talk about what I think of it!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I second Frances when I say thank you ever so much for the mention and for taking part in the LSH! I too want to read Assassin’s Apprentice. Your post has motivated me to get it read fairly soon! Enjoy! πŸ™‚


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