Another post got lost in translation…

Does anyone know why some of my posts are getting lost — posted but never delivered to “My Reader” for those who follow me? It’s getting annoying. Let’s see what happens to this post. 

Check out my missing post, The Mean Girls Book Tag, by clicking here!

Have a great rest of your Friday! 

– Kacie 


2 thoughts on “Another post got lost in translation…

  1. My own posts never show up in “My reader” for me but if you go to ‘My site” and click blog posts you should be able to see if they are still drafts or if they have been posted.Hopefully that helps!

    The Mean Girls tag is great, I love it


    • The posts are definitely posted because I can visit them by going to my URL. I only see them in My Reader because I’ve followed myself so I can make sure they post! 😛 When they don’t show up in My Reader, they get NO views other than from my twitter links! Thanks for the help, though! The Mean Girls post actually just showed up in My Reader. Weird. Thanks! ❤


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