Book Haul and Monthly Favorites | August 2015

I still can’t believe it is already September! It feels like August just began. I was sitting on the front porch of the mountain house listening to my cousin wish everyone in the house, “Happy August!” Where did the time go?

haul and favs

As you can tell by the title of this post as well as the quickly thrown together mash-up of two of my blog headers, it’s time to talk about the items I’ve purchased this month as well as some stuff that I’m currently diggin’.

Let’s get to it.

Book Haul

This month, I had only one impulse buy and I am super proud of myself! I was meandering through the grocery store when I noticed Matt Damon’s face staring up at me. My local grocer started carrying copies of The Martian by Andy Weir.


I couldn’t resist this purchase, even though it’s a tall mass market paperback, which you know I hate. I can never get my hands on this book at the library because of how popular it is. Actually, I also witnessed it being recommended (and spoiled) to another library patron by the librarian. Of course, I heard everything she said. I was not happy, to say the least, but I still want to read the book…and someone’s always got it checked out.

I also purchased a physical copy of Progeny of Gods: Vertuem Destiny by Geoffrey Storm (BookTuber stiqula) because I wanted to support Geoffrey. Also this cover. It’s so gorgeous.


Next, I picked up ALL SEVEN Outlander BOOKS by Diana Gabaldon on Amazon for only $1.99 for my Kindle! I haven’t yet read these books, but I was super excited for the deal! Looking at it on Amazon now, it costs $59.99…I think I caught a great deal!


I am really excited about my next group of purchases. I took my full piggy banks and traded the coins in for an Amazon gift card. I had over $75 in change just sitting in my room! Who knew?

I still have about $25 left, but here’s what I bought so far:

As you can see, I’ve already started working on it. I am so excited for this coloring book. My brother’s girlfriend just got Enchanted Forest after I told her about these coloring books!

I also picked up two comic collections:

  • Bob’s Burgers, Issues 1-5 – This is one of my favorite TV shows and when I saw on Jesse’s blog that comics existed, I knew I had to have them! I’m already itching for more.
  • The Legend of Zelda:  A Link to the Past by Shotaro Ishinomori – This is a collection of comics that were originally released in issues of Nintendo Power Magazine back in the late 80s and early 90s. This franchise is my favorite video game franchise and I’ve been eyeing this collection for awhile!

Last, but certainly not least, I picked up my favorite of the new Harry Potter Funko Pop figurines!


I still don’t understand how they made Old Voldy so stinkin’ cute.

August Favorites

So last time I posted a “Favorites” post, I had a specific outline that I wanted to follow. I’ve ditched that. I’m just going to wing it.

Television Show: I’ve been watching the first season of NBC’s Hannibal. I am a longtime fan of the Hannibal Lecter book and movie series, and I’ve always been excited about the show. Unfortunately, I was always busy when it was on. I’ve been using Amazon Instant Video for my binge-watching.

Movie: I haven’t watched many new movies lately. In fact, I can’t think of a single movie that I watched that I hadn’t seen before. For this month, however, one re-watch outshone them all. Remember that cousin that I mentioned at the beginning of this post? That’s Sam and he’s awesome. He is twenty years old, but was born with pieces missing from a pair of chromosomes. This means that he has an intellectual disability as well as vision and hearing impairment. He doesn’t let any of that bring him down. Every day to Sam is “THE BEST DAY EVER” and every meal he eats is “THE BEST MEAL EVER,” and so on. Well, Sam and I have been on a Looney Tunes watching spree, so I brought Space Jam to watch because he’d never seen it!

You know, the one with Michael Jordan, aliens, and Bugs Bunny?


This movie already holds a special place in my heart for some personal reasons, but it was amazing to watch Sam take it all in. Of course, it was “THE BEST MOVIE EVER!”

App: Rain

This app on my phone plays a variety of rain sounds while I am trying to fall asleep! I love, love, love the sound of rain when I am sleeping so this has been a godsend. You can set a timer so that it shuts off and doesn’t play all night. The default setting is for an hour and you can change the level of rain from gentle to medium to heavy. It’s free!

Book: This was a no-brainer for me. My most loved book I read during August is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I think I’m finally ready to start talking about it. Expect a quick review in the coming weeks!

This next piece of the post will usually come during the wrap-up post, but since I’ve done that already, I’m going to add it here. I’ve started a TBR jar! Each month, I am going to pick a challenge at random and then read a book that meets the challenge!

The challenge for September is:  A book that’s title is one word.

To fulfill this challenge, I am selecting Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. In my last post, I asked you wonderful readers to vote for my next book! This book was on the list, but as it’s being released next month, I need to get around to reading it. Thanks for your help, you wonderful blogging humans.

And with that, I think I’ve officially wrapped up the month of August! In the comment section, tell me because I’m dying to know…who’s your favorite Looney Tune?

Mine is Marvin the Martian!

Where’s the kaboom?

I’ll see you soon!


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Want to purchase any of the books that I’ve talked about? Use this link to buy books from the Book Depository and help me out!


14 thoughts on “Book Haul and Monthly Favorites | August 2015

  1. Awesome! I’m glad you picked up Bob’s Burgers! How cool are they? 😛

    As for my favorite Looney Tunes character I would have to choose Sylvester. Even though I don’t like cats in real life xD


  2. I was able to get the Outlander books on sale too! 🙂 and I also was able to get The Martian for kindle on sale as well. I’ve seen that everyone loves it, so I definitely want to see what all the hype is about!
    I used to watch Hannibal, but then the show got cancelled, so I decided not to even watch the last season. I may eventually finish it though.


    • Did you post about that Amazon deal? I know I read about it on someone’s blog and IMMEDIATELY purchased. I’m so glad I didn’t miss out. I saved $58!

      I’m making myself slow down on watching the series, not only because it’s ending and there is a limited number of episodes, but because I watched one before bed and then had a dream I was brutally murdered. It’s time for a Hannibal break!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, I posted about it. I’m glad you were able to get it in time. I know several hours after I posted it the sale was over! It’s crazy that we saved so much on it! 🙂 I love when awesome books go sale like that.
        Oh no! I would hate to dream about being murdered, lol. That’s actually like one of my fears. I already fear dying, but being murdered is like an even greater fear than just dying.


      • Whenever I have bad dreams and I go right back to sleep, I end up continuing the dream. It totally sucks! I most of the time just end up not even attempting to go back to sleep. A week or so ago I was reading The Knife of Never Letting Go and there is a scene with crocodiles and I ended up dreaming I was being changed and attacked by crocodiles, lol! If I watch something scary/creepy right before bed, I tend to put something funny on right after, just so I can hopefully not have bad dreams about whatever it is I was watching. It helps most of the time.


  3. What a wonderful post! I have been lingering my fingers across The Martian when I see it at the store. I’ve been restricting myself from buying books lately because I have so many I have’t read. :/ I can’t wait to hear what you think go it.

    If you want a partner to read the Outlander series with, I have books one and two. Remember, I’m the girl with all these unread series on her shelves. Maybe I can finally crack one open with a reading partner. And, what an awesome deal you got on them too! $1.99!!!!!


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