Introduction: Who am I?

Hello and welcome to my blog, Kacie’s Bookshelf. I am Kacie and am very happy that you have stumbled upon my book related ramblings. Here’s a little bit about myself:

  • I am twenty-five years old
  • I am a recent college graduate
  • I am a certified teacher of elementary aged students in regular and special education settings
  • I’ve been an avid reader for about twenty-one years. Wow.

Here’s what you can expect to see on this blog:

  • Book reviews (no spoilers!)
  • Book recommendations/Book talks
  • Top 5 book related countdowns
  • Anything I can think of in relation to reading

I love making lists (if you haven’t already noticed), so here are my Top 5 Book Genres:

  1. Horror
  2. Fantasy (YA and Adult)
  3. Young Adult
  4. Adult Fiction
  5. Children’s Fiction

Have a look around and feel free to leave me a comment anytime! I love to talk books and am looking forward to meeting you.



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